The past continuous is formed from the past tense of be with the -ing form of the verb:

We use the past continuous to talk about the past:

  • for something which continued before and after another action:

The children were doing their homework when I got home.


I got home. The children did their homework.
The children did their homework when I got home.

As I was watching television the telephone rang.

This use of the past continuous is very common at the beginning of a story:

The other day I was waiting for a bus when …
Last week as I was driving to work … 

  • for something that happened before and after a particular time:

It was eight o’clock. I was writing a letter.


At eight o’clock I wrote some letters.

In July she was working in McDonald’s.

  • .to show that something continued for some time:

My head was aching.
Everyone was shouting.

  • for something that was happening again and again:

I was practising every day, three times a day.
They were meeting secretly after school.
They were always quarrelling.

  • with verbs which show change or growth:

The children were growing up quickly.
Her English was improving.
My hair was going grey.
The town was changing quickly.



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Hi every one, I want to ask about was and/or were usage. In some occasion I've found 'were' used for I and it, such as in; "if I were to pluck..." or "it were made of straw and began to play." etc. I found these in a song lyrics and novels, I wonder whether or not there are another possibilities for using 'were' for I and it.. please explain to me, because as far as I know the form 'was' uses for I, she, he & it. Thank you.

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Doing the exercises is a great way to check your grammar and to spot any areas that you need to review.
Then you need to make sure that you are using the grammar - many students can do grammar exercises perfectly but still make a lot of mistakes in their own speaking and writing. It is important to think about the grammar points you have learned and check that you are using the correct form when you speak and write.
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