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Hi can someone tell me pls where can i be in touch with teacher Tom ?

Hello StrangeGr,

Could we help you with whatever it is that you wanted to ask teacher Tom?

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The LearnEnglish Team

i was studying english grammer book about present perfect and past and i have some problem would u please help me ? this are the qshns
1-my father ......(die) before i was born.I .... him (never/meet) i thought it is i never have met but it is i nevet met
2-Linda went to the bank,but a few minutes ago she returned.somebody asks,is linda still at the bank? you say:no,.............. i thought the answer is she has just came back but it is she has just come back why we use base form of the word(come) after has? we can say she just came back but i want to use present perfect
3-it`s nearly lunchtime.and I .......(not/see)Martin all morning. i thought this is didn`t see but it`s haven`t seen in the book
please explain the answers for me Thank U

Hello StrangeGr,

I'm afraid we're not able to help with exercises from other sources - if we tried to provide that kind of service we'd never get anything else done as the questions would never cease! You'll need to ask your teacher about this, I'm afraid.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hi I regesterd into this website so that I can improve my English skills.and hope that you will give me every thing that I wants.thank you for accepting my permission!


Could some one temme when and where to drop the words 'the' and 'that'. I do have a good reading habit but cant't really figure this out . I Have gone through the articles on the usage of words 'The' and 'that' but the dropping !


Hello ganeshcharms,

Your question is very general and it's not really possible for us to write long detailed explanations of particular grammar points like this - that is what the grammar pages are for, after all! Perhaps you have a particular example in mind - if you can post an example it would make it much easier to provide really relevant and useful information for you.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello sir,
I have faced so many interviews but reject in last HR round can you suggest me what are the things HR look in to the candidates apart from communication and confidence .

Hi teacher

I m Anurag from India, I want to my speaking good in english how can i do this?