A prepositional phrase is made up of a preposition and a noun phrase. We use prepositional phrases for many purposes, for example:

- as adverbials of time and place:

We will be back in a few days.
They drove to Glasgow

.- as a postmodifier in a noun phrase:

Helen is the girl in the red dress
We’ve got a new television with a thirty one inch screen.

- to show who did something:

The lion was killed by the hunter
I saw a wonderful painting by Van Gogh

- with double object verbs like give and get:

We gave five pounds to the woman on the corner.
They got a drink for me.

- after certain verbs, nouns and adjectives:

The book belongs to me.
I had an argument with my brother.
I feel sorry for you.



Hello aarushmom,

We can use a range of prepositions with 'the corner', including 'at', 'in' and 'on', depending on the context.  If we are talking about a street corner, then we can say 'at the corner' or 'on the corner', with little if any difference in meaning. If we are talking about a closed space, such as a room, then we use 'in the corner'.  For example:

The car was parked at the corner of Main Street and Market Street.

The car was parked on the corner of Main Street and Market Street.

John was sitting in the corner.

Was there a particular sentence you were wondering about, or was your question more in general?

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Hi there,

I have a doubt about the prepositional phrase "in+period of time". For example how should I interpret the following: "He'll call you in a week"? Does this mean that he will not call me before a week or that he might call within a week (i.e. not after a week but, say, a coupe of days before the week has elapsed). I hope I made myself clear enough. I'd be very grateful if you could clarify this. Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi Knightrider,

To me, that means that he will call seven days from now or maybe six to eight days.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello, I took a grammar test. I got a question regarding prepositions wrong, but I believe they are wrong. Can you clarify? Thanks!
The question was: Choose the preposition. And the sentence was: After the show we went to a fancy restaurant and had the best meal of my life.
The multiple choice answers included both "to" and "after". I chose "after". They said it was wrong. The answer was "to". Why is "after" wrong? I don't think it is. Also, wouldn't "of" also be a preposition?
Thanks again!


I don't quite understand this question. Where is the gap in the sentence for the prepositions?

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The LearnEnglish Team

Can you explain the grammar behind the prepositional phrase in this sentence: "It's important for me to help you." I am interested in why the first person pronoun is in the accusative.

Supplementary question - are "for me" and "to help you" two separate prepositional phrases? How is this structurally different from "It's important that I help you?"

Hello Dido,

'for me' is a prepositional phrase, but 'to help you' is an infinitive with a prepositional object. I suppose you're asking about 'It's important for me to help you'. Sentences beginning with 'It's important...' are very commonly followed by an infinitive, and, as in this example, can also include a prepositional phrase before the infinitive. In fact, these structures are generally more common in English than the one you mention ('It's important that I help you'), which sounds rather formal.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello DidoCarthage,

As you can see, Kirk has already answered your question. Please post questions once only. We answer as quickly as we are able but we receive many questions each day and sometimes there is a little delay before we can respond. Posting the same question multiple times merely slows the process down.

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I read in a grammar book that we use " at " with buildings when we are thinking of the activity that happens there. So, does that mean if someone asked me where I am, I should say " I am in the school, university, theater, cinema, etc." since I am talking about my location?

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