Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun.

There are many different kinds of pronouns.



Can you help me do some sentences?

when we last meet / we tell you / we plan / we move.

this house /be /band new ,/have /large /garden

we think /about buy /house /office

i /start /learn /English /age / twelve

Learn Past Tenses, Present Tenses, Future Tenses, Past Verbs, Present Verbs, and Future Verbs.

When we last meet we tell you we plan we move.

Present and Future Verbs: meet, tell, plan.

This sentence is Past Tense, therefore you need Past Verbs.

When we last met we told you that we planned to move.

Past Verbs: met, told, planned.

this house /be /band new ,/have /large /garden

Future Tense Verbs: Be, Have.

This sentence is Present Tense, therefore you need Present Tense Verbs.

This house is brand new and has a large garden.

Present Tense Verbs: Is, Has.

we think /about buy /house /office

Present Tense Verbs: Think, Buy

This sentence is Future Tense, therefore you need Future Tense Verbs.

We are thinking about installing a office.

Future Tense Verbs: Thinking, Installing.

i /start /learn /English /age / twelve

Present and Future Verbs: start, learn.

This sentence is Past Tense, therefore you need Past Tense Verbs.

I started learning English at age twelve.

Past Tense Verbs: Started, Learning.

Hello k3oflove,

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I don't understand 10 question:

Where do you want these bags? Shall I put THEM over there?

Why there do we use THEM and not match with IT? I've understood that IT is for animals and objects and in the sentence is related with bags, and bags are not people.

Please, explain me again!

That's beacause THEM is not only used with people, but also with things. I mean, you are right, IT is for animals and things, but IT is the singular form, the plural form for IT is THEY (subject), so if you are talking about two bags (plural), you say they, or them (as object pronoun) in this case.

Hello d.ramirezforero,

'Them' is the plural form for any third-person pronoun - he, she or it. As 'bags' is plural, we need the plural pronoun.


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Hi everybody, I begining learn english - so I wish you can help me!!!

Let he and me work together.
Is is right ? Please explain.

Hello mdkasimsaifi,

After 'let' we use object pronouns:

Let me work / Let him work

Therefore the correct sentence would be:

Let him and me work


However, it would surely be more natural in most contexts to use 'us':

Let us work


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