Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun.

There are many different kinds of pronouns.


the responsibility is on you to take care of her.
the responsibility to take care of her is on you.
which one is correct?
plz respond...thanks!

Hello winly,

'Reflection' in this kind of context generally means 'thinking about', so it would probably mean 'thinking about your career' in the sense of 'evaluating its progress'. Without more context, however, it is difficult to say more.

I have one request for you. If you have a question such as this, please try to post it on a relevant page, such as one related to careers or professional topics. It makes the information in the answer more accessible to people who might be interested in similar topics.

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What's difference between(Ms. , Miss , Mrs. ) and, when use every one ?

Hello Anwar68,

Mr is used for men, Mrs is used for married women and traditionally, Miss was used for unmarried women. Ms is used for any woman, whether married or unmarried. Nowadays, Miss isn't used so much and Ms is used much more often.

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Ms is for men,
Mrs is for women who is married,
Miss is for women that is not married.

Hi KatarinaCat,

Thanks for your contribution! I just wanted to point out that Mr is used with men - see my response to Anwar68 above.

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Which is correct?
1) Me and my best friend were present there.
2) My best friend and I were present there.
3) I and my best friend were present there.