Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun.

There are many different kinds of pronouns.


Hi every body,
I have a question, the question is if we want to send some files as attachments to another person, what we write on the massage. if we write "attached please find it" is it true or not?,

Hello shah Niko,

In formal situations, probably the most common phrase for this is something like 'Please find a copy of my CV attached to this message' (you would have to change 'my CV' to whatever kind of document or file you are attaching). You could also just explain what the attachment is, e.g. 'The attached file is a copy of my CV.'

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Thank you for your message. Please copy your question in a comment on the LearnEnglish website itself. That's better than email, because it will get answered by someone from our team of experts. Also, other users can see the comment and our answer to it, so it will help lots of people!

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Subject: Verbs that express future time

Request your help to clarify concepts about future time expressions. Are the following sentences grammatical ? Do the sentences mean different things? They are:

Set A
He will marry next April.
He is marrying next April.
He is going to marry next April.

Set B
The man will purchase a new house in Delhi.
The man is going to purchase a new house in Delhi.
The man shall be purchasing a new house in Delhi.

Set C
We are going to see the exhibition.
We will go to see the exhibition

On the face of it all sentences appear to be correct. Are they acceptable? So when does one really use other tenses to express future time if the modals can always be used ?

Look forward to your clarification.

Thanks ,

Hello Achala,

That's a lot of different examples! It's not really possible for us to write such long explanations as we receive many questions every day. However, I think you can find the answers to your questions on our Talking about the future page. Take a look at the explanations there and see if they clarify it for you. If, after you've done that, there are any examples which are still not clear then please ask in the comments on that page and we'll try to help.

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