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Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun.

There are many different kinds of pronoun.


I'm new here...I don't speak english but i would like to learn!What can i do?

Hey i m new here i knw the almost rules of grammer bt i cant spk properly.
My fluency is nt good pls help me gve me d sugesstion what can i do

Hi Nishtha,
Hope you are doing good. I'm from Chennai.
1. We have to use english in our daily life. Don't bother whether it is correct or not. Our continous efforts will remove all kind of errors from our sentences.
2. Learn new essential words/phrases everyday.
3. Try to use those words/phrases in your conversation with others.
4. Watch english movies with SUBTITLES.
5. Have a friend who does not know your mother tongue and chat with him/her only in english every day.
I hope these points will help you.
Your friend,

i m new here for learning english coz i m a bit weak in spoken english plz help me 4 improving my english n what can i do 4 this?


Hi Sandipan,
I'm Rajesh from Chennai. Where are your from?

hello im new here  just i with i will be better if u help me thanks.... :)

hey i'm batsan so i just want you to know my listenningis very bad so that i come hee to have some,

Hi Bastan,
Hope you are doing good. I will suggest you to watch english movies with SUBTITLES. I believe this will positively help in improving listening skill. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Your friend,

Thanks very much for the Website this is amazing wounderful website for those peoples who want to
increase their vocubulary and increase thier spoken English i just regestered and hope will get lot of things
form this website and increase my strengt to speak more and more english
in the End my Best Wishes for this website and hope that would be great and British counsel is doing great
job to enhance thier voucubulary.
Take care and Best of lluck British consel and all of peopler
Ahmad From Pakistan at the moment From Duba