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Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun.

There are many different kinds of pronoun.


I am at the first time here and I think it is a good elearning programm.
Greetings, Mike

 Hello Mike,
I'am a new member too and i think the same thing
Friendly, Bayaliou

Hi everyone. I like such exercises in this site. Recently, I'm trying to do all the tasks 'cause I'm interested in doing the IELTS, but sometimes I feel a little insecure if I could pass the test. Someone know which exercises are the best in the sense that are more related to this kind of test. I hope that someone could tell me something to guide me in this, I want to do it in 2 months so I have to prepare me very well. Byeee

Hi Alexmi,
Hope you are doing good. You may visit the link www.ielts.org to get more details about IELTS. However, I suggest you to walk in directly to near by British Council location and they will positively help you in guiding for the examination. Also they would have a separate library, where you can find materials for this exam.  You can clear the exams in a signle attaempt. All the best.:)
Your friend,

every body, I am very glad to learn this web .Because I need english ,disscuss,talk, listen,write .In the world ,the most of people use english . our country is developing country, very very want and need to learn the english.so I am -------- english,

Hi Abril,
I suggest, you may attend some live english training classes in the beginning. After gaining enough basic knowledge in english, you may start self study. What's your opinion?

Also, i'm new here. i am from albania and i want to improve spiking and listening english.
i begin from grammar, but if any one , can give me a sugesstion for the bigining part, are wellcome!
thank you!

Hi Fabi,
Hope you are doing good. I will suggest you to watch english movies with SUBTITLES. I believe this will positively help in improving listening skill. 
For improving our speaking skill, we should use english in our daily life. We should learn few essential English words/phrases each day and we should try to use those words/phrases in our conversation with others.
Please correct me if I am wrong.
Your friend,

Hi everyone,
I am Rajesh from India, a new person to this site. I would like to join with you all in learning and exploring English.
I think, for better writing skill we need continous chatting facility and for better speaking skill we need to speak over phone with a native English Speaker alteast once in a week.

Hello Rajesh, I am from Brazil and REALLY need and want to learn English! My husband is english, my everyday language is English and still I am having A LOT of difficults of learning. Specially when it comes to listen AND talk. I can express my self but with a lot of grammar mistakes. And I can (or at least I think so) understand what people says... but if I need to give a answer I get really confuse. So... definitely NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! I am not sure where I should start from... But I will try from grammar. Let see if chating here and there we can actually encourage each other to keep going and don't give up. I think this is the main thing really. ALL BEST FOR ALL OF US!