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Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun.

There are many different kinds of pronoun.


Hi Everyone...
I'm new here and wants to learn Grammar.

Hello everyone,
I am Nolo from Indonesia. Do you know Indonesia where is?.
I just joined this wonderful website this morning. This is a very useful learning facility. My speaking and learning skill are very poor. I hope I can improve my skill in 1 year. So let's support each other. I hope someone here willing to correct my writing English.
I wish all of you  a successful life,
All the best

Hello Nolo,
 I 'm Shukhrat from Uzbekistan, Tashkent. Do you know where Uzbekistan is?
It is situated in Central Asia, the capital is Tashkent. Uzbekistan is located in the heart of Central Asia. There are many historical cities Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva,Shahrisabz in Uzbekistan. The purpose to join to this website is ti improve my English ability. I hope we can contact with you very often.
 I'm waiting your peply.

Hi to All,
I recently joint the site. Conversations appear in this site make me sure that one day i will be the best english speaker.

If some one provide me basic information about how i can use properly this site (geting some notes, excersize etc) he/she will get my pary for ever, and can be my best frind.

Hi! My name is Saray, living in Sihanouk, Cambodia. Do you know where Cambodia is? Oh! My country has a famous temple called Angkor Wat. Do you want to visit it? I really happy after I downloaded many podcast from this site, my English speaking improved a lot. Thank you British Council....!!!! I found the best site now!!!!!!!...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello. I don't know where Cambodia is. Are you currently in Cambodia now? You gave me a good idea! I will download the podcast and study more often! Do you know if I can listen it in my MP3? I will try to find out. I agree with you: THIS IS THE BEST SITE EVER!!! Let's go learning English. :-)

Hi guys, I'm new to this website and also another Eng lover!!! I hope my 4 skills will be improved thanks to all your help. I'm 19 now, just a student in a university in Vietnam. Best wishes for you all!!!!

Hi !
I am also new to this site. I joined this site to improve my grammer.Can any one advice how to begin my learning here....do they have moderators or instructors to guide newbies like me...

 hi everyone.I am new here.I am from Vietnam and I want to learn E.

Hi all,
I like this site because I need to improve spoken english comprension. In my recent travel in London it was impossible for me to understand people, cause no experience in english talking... it was not good.