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Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun.

There are many different kinds of pronoun.


Hello Shilpa,
My name is Betti. I'm from Budapest, Hungary. I'm 24 years old. I would like to improve my English too.  Do you want  to correspond with me?

Hi everyone,
I'm Kitty, I come from Hong Kong, China but I lives in the UK.  I want improve my English and then find the job in the UK. :-) and also I want make new friends in here.

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Hello Everyone,

I am Thwe Thwe tun from Myanmar. This is my first time for using this website. I am very glad to learn from this website. I hope this website would be very useful for me :) Let us learn english from this program. I am weak in english writing, speaking and listening. May be in all parts I am weak. However, I will starting to try to improve my english skill. Welcome for all advices from all of you :) I love to learn from each others also. Shall we start to learn english!


Hello everyone Im Mr Sam and Im an English teacher in UNRWA in Jordan .
As I say its never old to learn new things and never say that u know everything
Me as a teacher I always look to the future and wish to improve my skills

Hi Every one I am a Technical Writer from India and want to Improve my english that's why joined this junction.

Hi everyone!
My name is Gulzhan!!! I'm from Kazakzhstan!!! I want improve  my English!!! Guys help me ))) 

 Hi, I´m new in this web but I´ll try to learn all I can. 

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I am aslo new on this webn i want to improve my English. Please help me out.

Hi everyone,
I'm Thuy. I come from Viet Nam. I'm a designer. My English is very bad, so I want to improve my English.