Two part verbs

Some verbs consist of two words – a verb and a particle (p). These verbs have a number of patterns:

Peter came in. (N + V + p)
He took out his diary. (N + V + p + N)
He gave the money back. (N + V + N + p)

Phrasal verbs

Some transitive two part verbs are phrasal verbs. They have two different patterns.

N + V + N + p

She gave the money back
He knocked the vase over
We will be leaving our friends behind


N + V + p + N

She gave back the money
He knocked over the vase
We will be leaving behind our friends.

When the object is a pronoun these verbs always have the first pattern N + V +N + p:

She gave it back
He knocked it over
We will be leaving them behind

Three part verbs

Some verbs are made up of three parts – a verb and two particles. They have the pattern:

N + V + p + p + N:

His girl friend walked out on him.
She soon caught up with the other runners
Children should look up to their parents.



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