Some verbs have the pattern N + V + to+infinitive:

They agreed to help.
We decided to go.

Some verbs have the pattern N + V + N + to+infinitive:

She told him to go home.
They advised us to wait.

Note: we suggest that you read about Verbs with -ing forms before doing this activity.






this is hard, i dont understand

explain me that!!!

it is the question 5/12
What does it meand "to hand in".
Congratulation for didactic concept of the pages from Grammar and Words

Hi Mike,
I'm glad you like the site. To 'hand in' means to give something to someone in authority, such as a boss or a teacher.
Remember we have a dictionary search box on the right of the screen that you can use too!
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team


it is question 6/12 . Why it is seeing instead of to see. I can't understand if verb can use both transitive and intransitive then how can we decide ing or to infinitive. on which basis we can decide it.

Please help me for this.

Hello Sayali,

I only use 'suggest' with the -ing form, not followed by an infinitive. There may be some people who use it with the infinitive, but you're safest to stick to the '-ing' form.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team


Please explain reason behind it of 6/12. Since I have problem for other verbs why we use here to -infinitive not -ing verb like tell, put. Please help me to applying proper verb in sentences for proper reason so i can apply  or study for other sentences.

thanks reply