Some transitive verbs can have a noun phrase as an object:

Everybody likes good food.
George considered the problem.

or the –ing form of the verb:

Everybody likes eating.
George considered starting again.

Note: we suggest that you read about Verbs with to + infinitive before doing this activity.



Thank you Peter. I have another question since you have corrected the sentence as shown. Why can't I begin the sentence with walking home? I see many people write like that.

Hi Phuc,

If you began the sentence with "walking home", the sentence as written would lack a main verb. You'd have to change it to:

Walking home after work through a peaceful park on a beautiful afternoon triggered such a sensational mood and at the same time a feeling of determination.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

Perfect help! Thank you teacher!!!

I want to speak English fluently

Very good exercise!
and it is rather easy!

very interesting. 

I was a good exercises!

It was pretty good game, but was easy one.. :-)

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