We use you to talk about people in general including the speaker and the hearer:

You can buy this book anywhere > This book is on sale everywhere.
You can’t park here > Parking is not allowed here.
They don’t let you smoke in here > No smoking here

We use they or them to talk about people in general:

They serve good food here.
Ask them for a cheaper ticket.

… especially about the government and the authorities:

They don’t let you smoke in here.
They are going to increase taxes.
They are building a new motorway.
They say it’s going to rain tomorrow.



Hi Mesha,
This exercise doesn't have a 'See Answers' button. You can see the answers by clicking the 'Finish' Button.
I hope that helps.
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The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Adam,
I tried clicking on the Finish button after the exercise, but still I didn't get the correct answers. I can I know the correct answers?
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Dear Mesha,
I've tested it again and it works for me. If I click 'Check Answers', the exercise tells me which answers I have right and which I have wrong. I can then edit the wrong ones.
If I click 'Finish', the exercise gives me a final score and shows me all the correct answers. I have to click 'Yes' when it asks if I'm sure and then 'OK' when it shows me my score and after that, I can see the correct answers.
Does that help?
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Hi adam .
can you pls tell me about academic writing in IELTS exams.
in this website .we don't treat wrinting aspect.
do you have some advices about it.

Hi Latifa,
Can you ask this question again on one of the IELTS pages? That way it will be easier for other users to find the answer.
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How can I improve my spkoen by using this site. Is there any activity regarding speaking? I think there is alot of difference between "Reading" and "Speaking".

It's hard to improve your speaking using a web site, but I can offer you some tips.
Probably the best way to improve your speaking is by practising as much as possible, ideally with someone else who can help you with your weak areas. Try speaking in English on your own and with others to see what works better. Also, try having the same conversation more than once, to enable you to focus on the language.
One way you can improve your speaking using this site is by using the listening exercises that come complete with transcripts. Try reading aloud as you listen to the audio. This won't help you become a more accurate speaker, but it should help you learn to speak more quickly.
I hope that helps.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks for your reply.Here is another irrelevant question.
Dealing with passive voice we follow some rules, e.g. use of third form of verb with helping verb and use of “by”.
She eats a mango.
A mango is eaten by her.
She eats me.
I am eaten by her.
She knows mango.
A mango is known by her.
She knows me.
I am known by her.
1. Why we write “I am known to her.” Is there any formula?
2. Should we write “A mango is known to her." ?
3. Is “I am known by her.” 50% wrong or 100% wrong statement?
Thanks in advance,

i like all the exercises i think that they are a great way to learn english faster and its a bit interesting to learn english without a teacher.hy to all

the exercise are not visualize well. what's the problem, help me.