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Episode 04 - Where are you?

Sammy and Julia are happy to go shopping together. What could possibly go wrong?



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Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Hi clauvera2016,

You can hear both forms when people speak. In theory, 'there are' is more correct because 'a bathroom and a kitchen' is plural, but people often use 'there is' even with plural subjects in informal speaking.

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Hello guys!
When I was child I lost. My dad lose me on a city center. Man while sitted on the radio-booth said what little boy lost. My dad going to him and asked for help. And he given instructions for me. My father waited me radio-booth near.

I had a hard time finding a friend once when we were in a concert, because the battery of my mobile phone was dead. I found him because I stood on a speaker that allow me to saw his red cap.

yes once upon, i had hard time to find a friend. when i called him and asked from him that, where are you? And he said that, he is in the front of the hyper market but i was also standing in the front side of hyper market . Later on when i went to another side of hyper market he was standing there.

Yes, I had a hard time to find someone in a public place, in this case, in a shopping center too. To find him, I went to the reception, and they call him through the loudspeaker.

Yes, once upon I had a hard time finding to my sister in a shopping center. She had not mobile phone but when i called to my mother, she told me that my sister already was in home.

Dear Friends of Learning English Team:

I can't find where activate video/audio of all episodes of listening.
Please, your help.

Hello Santiago Perez,

You should see the video player, including a play button/control, near the top of the page above the transcript and the tasks. If you can't see this then there may be a problem with you device's compatibility. Try accessing the page on a different device (a laptop or desktop computer, ideally) to see if this helps. If it does, then you will know the issue is device related.



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In such cases I use the mobile phone!

I think everybody has that kind of experience.