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Episode 04 - Where are you?

Sammy and Julia are happy to go shopping together. What could possibly go wrong?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


No necessarily, I just ask where is the person that I can't find and then I go to the place wherethe person is at the moment that I know.

It sometimes can be difficult to give direction someone . I think this episode will help us to improve our directions skill. Thanks :)

I was with my daughter in a Museum in Paris. She disappear. I coudn't find her. Then I stayed front off the exit for 50 minutes. She came smiling and me no. I was very worried with her. But the end was happy, we went to drink a very nice coffee after that!

I never lived the same situation, but one day, My friend and I, we have helped an 8 year old boy to find her mother, because he was to lost in the supermarket we went to do our shopping. So, what we did, we went to the reception point and to give it to the security officer.

One time I almost late on the bus because near was nobody speaks English. Nobody couldn't tell me where the bus terminal is. It was terrible.

I have hard time to finding my friend in public place and i call him to explain him my place

hard time finding someone in a public place?...Yes, my mum got used to losing in public places!!. What I´ve done when this occurs is calling her through loudspeakers. Although, I gave her a new mobile phone, so I can now call her instead of telling everyone that my mum is lost!. I love my mum.

when I was a student in high school I've been in this situation so many time . Especially each time went to supper market with my friend is one time we had lost other one in that large space. Without phone, so difficult and spent more time to find her then.

Hello Peter,
thanks for the quick answer. I can understand very well your argument that for copyright reasons British Council cannot make such offers in some cases. However, I wonder if it is against current laws to isolate the soundtrack for me privately and save it for my training purposes. There are different programmes for this. This also applies to the possibility to save the film clips on my computer. Fortunately, the British Council offers a lot of material where a lot of learning material can be downloaded officially.
Thank you very much indeed!

Hello Bernd,

I can check for you but it's not a question of copyright law but rather the terms of cooperation between the British Council and its partners. Where we can make material available, we do so, but other institutions have their own policies and requirements.


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