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Episode 14 - Can you speak French?

Sammy has an idea for the holiday. But will Julia want to go away?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


I'm going to go on a bike trip.

Hi Everbody,
I usually Go on holıiday in summer. But sometimes I go on holiday İn winter.
Because We have four seasons. You can do a lot of thing in holiday. you have a l lots of choice . you can go skiing in winter at uludag. You can go to mediterranean coasts and Aegean coasts in summer.

What is correct: We can go on the train or by train? Thank.

Hello MaryGio,

To talk about travel we use 'go by' or 'take':

We can go by train.

We can take a train / We can take the train [there is no difference in most contexts]



The LearnEnglish Team

Ok, but in Task 2 question 2 says: We can go on the train. Is it wrong?

Hi MaryGio,

It's better to say 'We can go by train' if you're describing which kind of transport you'll use. But if you are talking about entering the train, you can say 'get on the train' or 'go on the train'.

I'm sorry the exercise confused you.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I want to Hong Kong to meet my best friend.
He is doing his PhD at that.

Well, I avoid the hordes of tourists place. I prefer to get away from it all and love to go somewhere off the beaten track. Last year I had a holiday of a lifetime to the West in Vietnam. It was a picturesque village with a breathtaking view.

Last time we don't have any holidays. However, we're saving money for our trip to Europe.

I like to go to natural places like mountains and beaches.