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Carlos, el aspirante a chef, aparece de la nada, pero podría ayudar a salvar la cafetería.
Escrito por Chris Rose.

Vocabulary Games – Appearance 1

Do the exercises to learn words to describe people's appearance.

You're hired

Luego de haber despedido al director de ventas de WebWare y de hacer la publicidad del nuevo portal de comentarios, Phillip Hart y Marcia Boardman conversan sobre las aplicaciones y se deciden por un formato de entrevistas.


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good site have a lot of good things , thank you
19 July, 2018 - 10:07
My favourite emoji is smiley face because each of us should smile every day :)
19 July, 2018 - 09:07
I think that chocolate is a good snack, it has a special flavour and an amazing taste. I like eating chocolate and i eat dark chocolate more than wait. I prefer chocolate with milk and with peanuts....