Listen to a voicemail message and answer the questions to practise your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Beginner: A1


I have never called anybody in English but recently i joined academy for English learning and i chat in English with my colleagues most of times ..

I have never left a voicemail message to my coworkers. Usually, If there is an urgent thing, my coworker will message me privately by Whatsapp. Then If I have more time, I will call them as soon as possible. But sometimes I only leave a message.

I have never had any experience with a call or voicemail in English. So I think, I need more practice in this field. but in this lesson, I learned useful points. such as:
1) leave a message
2) look forward to hearing

I can learn how to leave the voicemail message.

I leave my collage voice massage or write a memo.

If my colleague is not here for a moment , I will use a note instead of a phone call or a voice message. That is because it might result in a interruption that will produce a pressure for colleague to mess up for tasks. In my opinion, if the task is very urgent and need to complete at first, I will use the phone or message to convey politely.

I leave voicemessage when i need some information about something from someone

I make phone calls many time and write messeges a lot. It's good experience.

Dear Kirk,
Thanks for this great and enjoyable lesson! It's also very practical as people leave voicemails everyday.

**Spoiler Alert**
Their is an issue with the second task. This are two of the lines to put in the right order:
. Marina leaves her phone number and email address.
. Marina asks for a brochure and prices.
Marina gives first her phone number, then asks for the brochure and prices, then gives her email address. So it's impossible to put the to lines in the right order. Could you update the exercise? For example, by either moving the phrase 'leaves her phone number' to the line about product information, or by splitting the phone-number-email-line in two lines altogether.
No complain. Thank you anyway!

Hello Carl_C-7

Yes, you are right! I've just fixed the exercise both on the webpage and in the PDF, though please note that it may take a few hours for it to become visible.

Thanks very much for telling us about this!

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team