Simon talks about how he managed to learn five to six different languages in a fun and easy way.

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Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Learning a new language is not only very important for anyone who want to work in an international environment, but you will also have a chance to discover another fascinating world. English is the common language which mostly used in everywhere in the world. How to learn English or other languages effectively is one of the most frequent question today.
The best choice is going to an English country and joining in a class. When you live in the English country, you are bound to learn English. You have to practice English anywhere and anytime with typical situations and colloquial words. Joining the class will help you learn with advice, methods, and tutors. These things are like you are fishing on a boat on the sea with a captain nearby.
If you can not go to an English county, you can do yourself in your country. Go to a class or learn online. Today, Internet is worldwide and full of English teachers, tips, or websites on it, for example British Council. You need to be surrounded by English stuffs as much as possible, for example, TV channels, newspapers, movies. Maybe you do not have chances to speak fluently or feel struggled to understand colloquial idioms at informal context on films, but with time you will gradually be better.
Languages are not new things in the world, so I don't think they are hard to
study. If I can, I will chose the first choice to go an English country to learn, otherwise, I will learn by the latter choice. Things have rules, and your jobs are finding them out and rehearsing them to the degree you need.

In my country we should learn two foreing languages at school Arabic and English, actually no one learn much at school just basic words and sentences. So I started to learn English when I was about 11 years old. but there are bunch of illiterate teachers around . They couldn't speak Englsh fluently . In fact they were aweful . They couldn't prounance the words correctly.

My father sent me to English courses in summers and I learned much better there , but it was just summers, so it couldn't be enough. After school I continued learning English more seriously. I took English courses and I thought my English was perfect. actually I was much better than before but not perfect.
If you want to be good in English you should watch English movies, read English newspapers, newsletter, books ... anything . and of course English songs are really helpful because you can remember the rhythmic texts much better .
I also took some French language courses several years ago. I learnثي some new way of learning then. French was more strange for me . I've never learned any French language before that time. Our teacher made us to repeat the sentences as we heard them . It was really good I had no idea what I said because it was the first time I heard those words and stences but I tried and I could say the same sentence that I heard. I think that was a good idea I guess children learn speaking in that way they just repeat what they heard. Maybe they made some mistake but finally thay can say the correct sentences.

I think learn any language is hard. Maybe films and tv shows can help you to improve skills language. But it's just another step in a long way.

From my perspective, I think it depends on your target of learning a new language if it's for fun the casual ways may work, but if you need its for academic purposes classroom and courses are a must.
To be honest, I didn't find an effective method to improve my Englis level from intermediate level to advance, so I am still searching and I appreciate any useful suggestions.

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If those are not the numbers you meant, could you please describe where you see them?

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Well, I think the faster way to learn English is to spend time talking to native speakers, so lucky for those who intend to travel to a country, that speaks English and learn from people who lived there