Averigua cuál es la banda de música favorita de Hermia. ¡La que toca la música real!

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Task 1

Reorder the phrases in the sentences to form statements made by the speaker.




Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


I like Radiohead, my favourite song is "creep". When I was in Lisbon two summers ago, there was a boy in the street with his voice an a guitar playing this song. It was very wondefull moment.

i like all kind of music but sometimes i listen to different kind of music and i dont know what kind is it but i prefer to listen romantic and rock is strange but i like because i play the guitar every day

I like indie music because is melodic and rhythmic and it makes me fell good. Indie music is more sensitive than pop music and pop music is less deep and the letters are less poetic.
I like lots kind of music rock, pop, classic... and I heard music every day.