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B1 intermediate: Problems at the train station

In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and follow the instructions to practise your speaking.

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Intermediate: B1


Talking about a train, I remember the day when I heard a news of a train accident involving derailment which killed 5 passengers, one of who was a young woman I knew before....

Yes , i like travelling by train. When i have to go to my hometown i usually prefer travelling by train because it takes 12 hrs of journey from my current city to my hometown . Long back , when i have to go to my hometown with my relatives we have booked tickets for a train which is at 8:30 .we have started one hour before .we booked an ola auto .we got struck in traffic for almost half an hour . The time was running but the traffic was not cleared so, we just thought to take the metro train so we can reach the station on time . That ola auto guy took us to nearby metro station in just 10 mins now we have only half an hour to reach the railway station . So we started running to buy tickets and to catch the train . We reached the station by 8:25. Our train starts from platform no 1 and when we just entered the railway station a train has just passed by so we thought that we have missed the train . But the train was on platform no 1 previously the train which has passed by was from platform no 2. So we have mistaken for few seconds and again started to catch the train which is about start in few seconds . This was my experience travelling in train . Finally i have reached my hometown .

Traveling by train is so interesting. enjoying stunning view as well as a safety and cheap trip are features of this kind of travel, but i think it's wasting time especially for long distance. I'v never had a trouble on my journey except seat replacement.

I like travelling by train, I never have a problem with my journey

Yes,I like to travel by train, however I don' do that often,I can't remember if I ever had any problems, I think I had just a sit replacement from Economy to class 1,is what I wanted :D have a lovely evening everyone.

I'm very enjoying when I travelling by train, there is no traffic and also I admire views especially when the train pass from countryside

Yes, I like travelling by train. I used to travel everyday by train some years ago to go to University and I like it because it is less stressfull than travelling by car. However, sometimes I had some problems because trains were latr and I had to wait a lot for the next one.

I have traveled by train just for one time, it was interesting and I wish to do it again. the only problem i faced that he train was too slow... so maybe I will ride fester one in the next time.

Sure. I have an experience with train. That was amazing when I was in University, I went to chin state to hike the largest mountain by train. With my friends on our vacation we were really happy. We played game on train even at night . We didn't sleep the whole night. That's it.

I have to travel by train every day to go at work. I like it and I prefer to take trains rather than my car to avoid trafic on the road. And I like because i can read books in train, i can sleep (what i love the most). But the only problem and not the small one is that trains are always late !! It's means that i can't be sure about the moment I will get home or at work and I don't like that.