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B1 intermediate: Problems at the train station

In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and follow the instructions to practise your speaking.

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Intermediate: B1


I like travalling by train. About problems I had had, that was becoming usual. I already missed my train. At the first one, I had have to change my ticket. But at the second, the third time, I postponed my trip because there was transport problems link to strikes.

I like to travel by train. It is my favorite ride. I used to travel by train to go to university. Sometimes during the rush hour, it is crowding. But I like it.

I do not like travelling by train because i cannot sleep well. :'(

I used to travel by train because of my college is so far from me and because it's so quickly tansportation tool I used to take it
But once upon a time when I was back from my college to my home I reached to the train station late and in the monment i reached the train imminently about to move from the station so I boshed so quickly and jump on the train without booking a ticket
After while the conductor came and ask to see my ticket
Fortunately he was a kind person and after I tell him that once reach to the station the train was about to move he tell me never mind and book me a ticket on the train

No i haven't still looking forward to the day

Unfortunately, I traveled by train only once when I was a child. I don't have many memories of that tour.

Yes i really like travelling by train since i was a kid. My dad works for a railroad company. so i really often travelling by train because me and my family used to get a discount. Last year, i was travelling with my friends by train and when we were in the station to go home my dad was suddenly sent a photo of me in the train and i was so surprised by him because he didn't tell me that he was in this town too.

Well, I haven’t had any problem on the train.overall I would rather to travel by car anytime. I feel I can’t breath when I get on the train.

Hi thanks for your help.
Regards Nasser

yes, I like traveling by train.