Listen to introductions at a dinner party to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.




I rarely meet new people, because nowadays I am in the house and do research and development.

When I was a teacher, I met à lot of people everyday. Now I'm retired, but I can meet many people when I practice my favourite sport:Taijiquan.

every weekend if im not busy for this *lol*

first time i say him Hi then i ask him their name after that i told him to welcome to party and we start each other to ask him some information about the party

I am rarely meet new people, might be meeting new people in the mall.

i usually meet new people every one months.

yes I do meet new people in weddings or any parties but I don't talk too much.

I usually meet new people. When I go to supermarket, go to new class or go on street.

I rarely meet new people, because of my office have not the referred clients.

really? when you work as a surveyor engineer in civil projects, probably you meet new employee and staff in each part of the project. especially if you work in Iran you see Afghan worker in different works groups certainly. furthermore, if you should sign some documents, you can meet a different Contractor.