Listen to some requests from a manager to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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In my work i try to help people in their daily tasks, like. My departmente, it's is subdivided in three sections of payment. So we have there, one man for each section responsible for their military organization ( a quarters ). I take care of frame of military of my company. Commonly , every month we have to launch into system at average five hundred launches of payroll. It normally, it takes me one week working it. Between the launches, there are several kinds it , like gratifications, indenizations, values, discounts, allowance of vacations etc. So, for that all of it make ready, we make this in two "runs" into the month. The "runs" are the sending of datas at the day set by calendary or schedule. It's a work that requers very attention and responsability.

Do you sometimes help other people with their work? What do you do for them?

It's a good show of values when you help people not only to their work but in all kind of aspect it's natural for us as a human being to give assistance when someone is needed. I worked as a Customer Service in a telecom company and my main responsibility is to assist all customer inquiry, complaints, and sales. I help my colleagues by providing them solution and suggestions if they didn't know the information to be given to the customer when they never encounter the problem that needs to be resolved.


In this lesson I learn to focus on the chronological tasks that the boss, Susanne said the staff, Mario. The first and second sentences said by Susanne that Mario should prepare for her next month can be put aside. Then, from the third sentence until the fifteenth sentence we focus on the chronological tasks that the boss said, after that we can arrange what we have to do chronologically according to what the boss said before where we can find the time/deadline, the urgency, and the steps of order needed to finish a single task.

The "next week" that is said by the boss in her sixth sentence could be happen in the "next month" after the conversation. The "next month" is said by the boss in her second sentence. And all the tasks that the staff have to accomplish are the "help" that staff give to the boss to "prepare some things" for her "next month".

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Hello, I'm Ayusisi from Australia. Thank you for providing this lesson for us. Its really help us to study English. Yes sure, sometimes I help my friend to do or support their task. I really love to help other people. Sometimes I need their help as well.