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Possessives: reciprocal pronouns

Level: intermediate

When two or more people do the same thing, we can use the possessive forms of the reciprocal pronouns each other’s and one another’s:

They helped to look after each other’s children.


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To put your picture, press on the words My account at the very top of this webpage. You should then see some information about your account and a small tab at the top that called Edit. If you press on that, you'll come to a page where there is a section where you can upload a picture.

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i have some problems but when i revew agine and agine i will be good in grammer .thanx for your to teach me

how i can put them in sentence

Hello aisha 6,

If you click on the link above (or here) then you will see how to use reciprocal pronouns in sentences, with explanations and examples to help clarify them.

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Thanks alot Mr.Peter for helping

Hello  , i am new register in British council please confirm me how to procedure in entered in regularly course  please can anybody  tell me .

Hello Ankur Saini,
LearnEnglish is a collection of online learning material for you to access and use free of charge.  Now that you've successfully registered for the site, feel free to explore and use the site to improve your English.  However, LearnEnglish does not organise courses so if you want to take a regular course then you need to contact the British Council where you would like to study.  You can find a list of British Council Teaching Centres here.
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You asked this question on another page and I answered it there. Please ask questions once only to save time!
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