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Hello! I'm looking for simulations for FCE. Where could i find them? thanks :)


I'm afraid we don't have any materials specifically aimed at the FCE exam. The best place to find these is the Cambridge FCE site, which you can find here.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello, can u help me to find the mistake in two sentence below?

1. What about the recreational reading you are supposed to get into habit to do on a regular basis?
2. The students in the dormitories were forbidden, unless they have special passes, from staying out after 11.30 P.M


Hello Joong Myn,

This looks like homework, which I'd recommend you work on your own or you ask your teacher about. But I'll give you a couple of clues: look up the words 'habit' and 'forbidden' in a good dictionary, paying attention to the kinds of words and forms that come after them.

Good luck!

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where i find that combination with preposition
accused of
punishment for
charged with
pls provide me link if available on ur site
plz plz

Hello Ayub ali khan,

The best way to find things such as this is to use the search tool on the right of most pages. For example, if you type 'prepositions' into the window you will see many pages with relevant content. Two examples are this page (adjectives with prepositions) and this page (verbs with prepositions).

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