Some adjectives go with certain prepositions. There is no real pattern – you need to learn them as you meet them. 


Hello the malek,

The tags – those small boxes at the bottom of the page – aren't working correctly, so it's not anything you've done. We have a Quick Grammar page on this same topic with an exercise, so I'd recommend you go there instead.

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Hi everybody
I'm from Mexico, this is my first participation in this site and I´m really exited about it

I started now, but think this site very useful to improve my english! Thanks!

Hello !
I am Aye Mu . I start learning English on this website today. It is very helpful to me and I love learning English.

I love to learn english I hope this course will help me to improve my english skills.

Hi everybody ! i have started the English learning through this website ,this may be helpful for me .specially i want to improve my speaking skills in English because i feel quite uneasy on speaking English.. what are the major idea to improve my speaking English through this website ? answer me if anybody have any idea about that

Hi Sumanraj,
After reading your comment. I think we have the same goal on this website. If you find some programs or lessons are suitable for you. Could you kindly share with me? Thank a lot.

Hello sumanraj,

There's some advice on how to use LearnEnglish to improve your speaking on our Frequently asked questions page. That advice suggests using the materials in our Listen & Watch section in a specific way; I'd suggest you start with either Word on the Street or Elementary Podcasts. But read the advice first!

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Hello, Am studying to grade my English.

I like English language very much and I've studied it for four years .
I m good at listening,reading and writing
but I m not good enough at speaking
I need your advice please