Adjectives & Prepositions


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I must improve my english. Though i do have a very bad english.

So i decided that i shall do my homework today.

Hello teachers,
I don't quite know how to use prepositions, as I confused when i use them, can you suggest me some ideas, in order for me to learn and to be able to use them propriety in a sentence.


Hello chenlyfen60,

This is a very big area in any language, and it's not really possible to explain it all in this kind of answer.  It's something that you need to learn about and practise over time.  However, I can suggest some useful places for you to look.  First of all, you can find many examples and explanations, plus practice exercises on our prepositional phrases page.  You can also find many useful pages using the search facility (there is a search window on the right of most pages).  If you search for 'prepositions' then you'll get results like this, providing many useful links.

I hope those are useful to you.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team