Tess & Ravi

Tess y Ravi hablan sobre el fútbol y los hooligans en el Reino Unido y de cómo las cosas han cambiado. Adam está de vacaciones, por lo tanto esta semana sólo tenemos a Rob.

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Tell us something about football. Which team do you support? Why? What do football fans do in your country? What happens at football matches?

If you don’t like football, tell us why not?

Send us your comments and we’ll talk about your answers in the next podcast.




Well in Argentina all people like football although It's all the same to me. I like Boca Juniors because my grandfather that's what "the blue and yellow are the best colours" told me when I was two years old, but I don't follow all plays, I only watch the world championship

Football in Spain has many fans. Real Madrid and Barcelona are the teams more supported by fans. I don't like football at all

I love football, but I think that there are not much people in my country that think the same. People in Venezuela usually prefer baseball. In fact, there are two local teams that are the favourites: Leones del Caracas (Caracas Lions) and Navegantes del Magallanes (Magallanes Navigators). Many people who are best friends could be "enemies" during a match between those teams, but never like hooligans. When the game is over, they became best friends again.
The Venezuelan football selection, "La Vinotinto" (the red wine) fights every season to get a position on the FIFA World Cup, but is hard for them, because they first must get a position on the elimination games against "monsters" like Brazil, Argentina Colombia, and Chile. Not easy...

My name is Antòn and I live in Vigo in Spain,I Like Football very much. I support Celta de Vigo, Celta played in Villa Park ten years ago in UEFA cup and won 1-3 . Also In birmingham Fc, the other team of this city, signed a player from Vigo Named Oubiña
with bad luck,he was injury in his first math. A GREETING.

In my Country the population historically is not a big fan of football matches. However with the formation of our national selection "La Vino Tinto" (the red wine) the fans have been increasing.
It is common to find in Venezuela baseball fans, but not so much football fans.
I do not like the sport, I am more an artistic person, but I am very proud of our football selection currently.

Football in Colombia has many fans. I like football occasionally but never go to the stadium by fans generate many problems of violence and insecurity.