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Carolina quiere tener un empleo para poder resolver sus problemas financieros, ¿pero logrará conseguirlo? ¡Adam está sorprendido por tus opiniones sobre el fútbol!

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Tell us about your favourite time of day. 

Are you happiest in the morning or at night? Or maybe in the afternoon?



I think that my favorite time of day is at night because in this time I share time with my family and my husband. Also, at night I practice English and I enjoy it.

I think I don't have any favorite moment of the day. Every moment of the day is special for me, although sometimes I enjoy one moment of the day more than another. For instance, I enjoy in the morning workout, eat my breakfast and I think its the more productive moment of the day for me. I like afternoon, especially when I drink a cup of coffee with my friends at coffee break, and in the evening I enjoy especially share with my family at dinner and go to bed when I'm tired to read a book that relaxes me.