How to pay a compliment


Learn the tricks of paying compliments.


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i think the guy says many things, until You’re a great manager, if enough

In my opinion, is not difficult to pay someone a compliment because if somebody had done something very well, we would express (him or her) our admiration or our recognition. When a person is hard-working and do something very well, or is a winner, is important to appreciate that and say to that person our satisfaction.
I accept a compliment with a smile and it make me very happy.
The video for me shows a lot of flatteries. I think the man is flirting. 

In Preparation section, I couldn't understand what "ones" means in this phrase:
" not willing to talk about ones achivements and abilities"
Would you please describe it or me?

In the exercises, 'one' is what we call an indefinite pronoun - it means a person who could be anyone. You could replace 'one's' with his/her/your/my/their/our - but that would be quite long!
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Hello Dear Adam, 
could you tell me or,have you any suggest 
about how talk to English to somebody who 
take an interest in this subjects. 
best wishes. 
Thank you very much indeed.Dziekuje 

Hello monfared,
We can't link you directly to other users, but I would suggest checking online and in your local community for English clubs or groups. I've met learners in different cities who are part of English societies. They usually get together to practise and help each other. You could also check out local language schools in your area.
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hello iam so happy to connect with you. iam an Algerian girl.i wish to improve my capacities in english specially my speaking but i haven't friends who i can communicate with them. can you help me???? thanks 

Hello dear Haloumaa, 
sorry, today I did read your letter! If you wrote to me? 
I'm willing to do that,with pleasure.but how can I call you? or 
How could we take a connect? 
anyway,I await you. 

greetings..when i ask someone about his age...what should be the correct answer:iam 20 yearS old....or 20 year old????????

Hello mshaheed!
The correct answer is I'm 20 years old. We use “x year old” without the s when we use it as an adjective to describe a noun – as in “it's a ten year old car.”
Hope that helps!

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