How to pay a compliment


Learn the tricks of paying compliments.



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Hello dear Adam JK, 
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Hello Monfared,
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The LearnEnglish Team

An interesting perspective of the sometimes awkward situation of paying and receiving compliments, as it’s easy to become a bit suspicious when somebody is too ‘nice’ and friendly.
Useful language too .Thank you for another great ‘how to’ video!

Dear Adam, Thank you very much!

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Dear Adam,

Thank you for this useful lesson. I printed the conversation for the first time, it is really easy. We do like to download the videos too, because i don't have speedy internet at home to visit your respective website. Now i am viewing your website from my office, which is i think illegal and it is during my work hours. But if you give me a download button, i will be able to comfortably view your videos at home.


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I understand your situation and we will try to provide a download button as soon as possible. Right now we are very busy with the 'Word on the Street' series and preparing the new series of Elementary Podcasts, but I will work on downloading videos as soon as I can.

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I cant open videos.. Why? Does anyone  know? Please help me.. What can I do this situatİon?

I don't know why, but if you give me a bit more information I might be able to help.
What web browser are you using? Are you able to open videos on any other pages of the site? What do you see when you try to play the video?
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Making and receiving a compliment it's easy when you mean it.