How to pay a compliment


Learn the tricks of paying compliments.


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I liked this video.I think is very easy to pay someone a compliment if you really want.Everyone has good parts.I think this lesson is very useful.I've learned new vocabulary words and I'm very glad:D

i adore the accent the guy speaks,very funny conversation.
I think it is not difficult to pay a compliment unless you are lazy to find someone's  merit .if you have a positive and sincere thought of other people,you can make the compliment naturally.But if you have to pay a compliment to someone who doesn"t have  good manner and moral,it will be a loath thing ,and also the word you say will be is not a good experience.
And for me,if i am flatter,i can judge the if the comliment is ture, i will feel sweet if someone i care about pay a compliment to you.
after all,every confident person need and like compliment.

I agree with the sentence that you said every confident person need and like compliment

thanks for these interested lessons . I really learn new things in this website . Your lessons learn me what i say when i contact with non arab speaker . Really  i appreciate your efforts .
 i love u -_-

hi,i m new.i m fasing some problems but i hope i will solve it.thanks

Hi again: I like to listen to them (the audio file) in my car,  my bike, wherever I go. To me to listen to English is not always in front of my computer.  Well, I have the mp3 in Big City Small Town as well as Elementary Podcast.
In any case,thank you. 

Hi: Is it possible to download this video in mp3?
Thank you.

I'm afraid it's not possible for us to make the videos available for download as you request. We would like to, but we don't have copyright permission at the moment.
Why do you want to download the file? It's useful for us to know what visitors want to do on the site.
The LearnEnglish Team

You can also give your compliments to a woman as follows : "The shirt ( or something else) looks great (or cute) on you."