Camden Town is a world-renowned place to shop for alternative clothing. Carmen goes there to find out more about its history and what's fashionable now.


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Hi. this is my first post My name is Martina and i'm italian. .Last november I have been in camden market for the first time.
It's a so amazing place with so many styles of clothes...really wonderful. I just remember the leather parfum and then several colours of clothes and bags. I hope to come back soon.
In Italy we have got very beautiful shops and markets but nothing so strange and various.

It should be really very funny and interesting to visit Camden Market!

Very good for people that are learning english.

Helpful and useful for studying English

Wow it is amazing to see this video, impressive pictures. Clothes and costume jewellery are very colourful, modern and strange, made from good materials. British people show their love for punk music strongly in the streets of Camden. I love it.

This is sadib from bangladesh
i think fashion is all about whichever fit for you.punk fashion is popular in our country day by day but cyber goth is not exist in our country.i like British fashion but generally cloth is too expensive.

I love fashionable clothes

lol here in Egypt they still live in the past 30 years, Egyptian don't accept that style of fashion.

Those post-punk looks are really creatives... but it seems to be more a globalisation result than a filiation of punk culture that expressed a reject.

I like Britisch fashion, some time l watch on TV, but this clothes too expensive. The new collection is especialy expensive. I think punk and Cyber-Goth clothes are for teenegers. Serious people won't wear like this clothes.