Camden Town is a world-renowned place to shop for alternative clothing. Carmen goes there to find out more about its history and what's fashionable now.


 Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.




I think british fashion is great, because many clothes are very elegant and London sets new fashion trends. I also have clothes from Pepe Jeans London (even if it's based today in Spain) and I consider clothes from Blueberry as very beautiful.


ıs ıt possible to download video or any audio related to this kind of video.

cause I need study and repeat all the vocabulary that I heard.

Thank you for your concern.

Hello yagmur,

I'm afraid that our videos are not available for download for legal reasons. You can download the Transcript in PDF format under Download if that's useful.

Or you might want to consider trying Elementary Podcasts or Big City Small World. Both of these podcast series are available for free download, and also include free PDFs and lots of exercises.

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Hello Kirk,

Thank you for reply. Is ıt possible to find the audio for the videos Word On The Street. I can understand the problems with legal reasons maybe the audio you can supply for us because while I am studying it pushs me to listen this videos again and again and I can see there are a lots of things to be learned from these videos :).

Thank you for your concern.


Hello Yagmur,

I'm afraid that we're not able to offer any recording, even of only the audio, of Word on the Street videos. I'm very sorry and hope that you'll be able to find a suitable alternative.

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I have a similar Elena´s problem, in my case I can´t see the link to watch the videos.
So, do I need to do some special configuration in my PC?

Thank you.

Hello Marco,

I'm sorry about this! No special application is needed to see our videos -- just a relatively recent web browser. Have you tried using a different web browser (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) to see if that works? You could also try a different computer or device. If none of that works, please tell us what browser you're using, and what browser version it is, and we'll try to help you figure this out.

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I wonder, can you see my comments...

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I have a question if I log out my account and log in again, Can I see the activities that I made? I mean my advances. Because I don't remember which activities I made.