Big Meal Scene 2 Language Focus


Rob talks to Ashlie about a range of uses of the verb get.

Watch the video and then do the tasks.



I couldnt understand "get the chief" means. I was wondering if you could help me

Hello Emir,

Where did you see this sentence? I don't see it in any of the exercises.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hey everyone, I`m wajih abbas from Pakistan . I like this series a lot and its really improve my English a lot. I practice it everyday and my English is getting better and better day by day. thank you so much for such a great website and I am great-full to all the members of this website :) :)

My sister in law had a baby recently.Why does this sentence choose "can't use have got"? I'm confused. If this is an action, We may choose that answer. But I think had a baby means a things.What do you think?

Hi angelali,

When we say 'have a baby' it can mean two things:

1) 'She has a baby' = 'She is a parent (of a young child)'

2) 'She had a baby' = 'She gave birth to a baby'

We can use 'have got' for the first meaning, but not for the second.  Your sentence has the second meaning - we can tell this because of the word 'recently', and because it is a past form - and so 'have got' is not possible.

I hope that clarifies it for you.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Everyone !!
I´ve got some questions about   has/have got and for things not actions: Would I wrong saying or wrinting: You´ve got to forgive that. I Think that is the same have to forgive? is it an action to forgive ? Could you say if there are any differents or situation to use: Have to, have got to, gotta,  have gotta to. Once I was get confuse reading on Roger Daltrey´s song  -  After the fire, on this passage: I´ve gotta drinking, I´ve gotta thinking...   I have another which one is more formal or proper to write and talk:  to have, have got  I just heard some people just saying got. 
Guys sorry about some bored small questions.

Hi The Jackal 1971,
have and have got are both used to talk about possession. "I've got a bicycle" and "I have a bicycle" mean the same thing. It is in this sense that we use have got only with objects, not with actions (as Rob explains).
When have or have got are followed by a verb with a to infinitive (e.g., "you've got to forgive that"), they express obligation or necessity, and both forms are equally correct. gotta is simply an attempt to represent the way people pronounce have got to when they speak quickly. In other words, gotta means the same as have got to (and have to).
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The LearnEnglish Team

i don't know why in question 3 task 2, "had baby" is a thing but i can't use have got? or "had baby" is a action?

I am Farhad from Afghanistan and i want to improve my English as i can and i hope that i will be improve my English in the short time.
Thanks very much indead.