Rob and Ashlie talk about Christmas food, then look at the difference between verbs we use in the present continuous and verbs we usually use in the present simple.

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I'm like the posts, remember my life, my family...

Thank you

It is like Christmas at home.

Otherwise I had a modest Christmas.

It's confusing a bit
in the last sentence the right form is I'm thinking not I think. In the language focus Rob said that we don't put the verbs of what we sense ,think and feel in present continuous.
Would you please explain to me this point. Thank you

Hello gattous887,

'Think' is not used in the continuous to mean 'have an idea' or 'have an opinion'. However, 'think' can also be used with the meaning of 'consider', and then it can be in a continuous form.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hello LearnEnglish Team,
I have a question regarding verb tenses in Sentence 5 - Task 3...Why using the "would" form with past tense in this case? Why not "We bought a big turkey but it didn't fit in our fridge"?
Please could you explain me this grammar rule? It doesn.t seem to be a conditional
Thanks a lot for your reply

Hello Eugenia,

Both versions are correct and possible. The reason we can use 'would' here is that in English we sometimes describe a situation as if it were a choice or a decision rather that a simple fact. When we would 'would' here it is as if we were saying 'the turkey refused to go in'. It's quite a common way to phrase things when something annoys you! For example, we can say:

I wanted to call you but the phone wouldn't work. [= 'The (horrible) phone refused to work']

The car wouldn't start this morning. [= 'The car didn't want to start']

I hope that clarifies it for you.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks a lot, Peter.
Now it's clear and also thanks for the examples.
Sometimes I forgot that "would" is also the past of "will" and not only a conditional :(
Let me tell you how useful is this site and your great job for those who are trying to improve their English...I think that I'm becoming "Word on the Street addicted"!
Best regards