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B2 upper intermediate: An interview

In this video Jack's having an interview to get into a university to train as a PE (physical education) teacher. How do you think the interview goes?

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and follow the instructions to practise your speaking.

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Upper intermediate: B2


I think I will have a lot of interviews in my future because of I want to apply for a job which requires English interview and probably will have an IELTS exam, during this class I learned some new vocabulary for me and interview skills, that is very helpful.

Yes, i think so; and that's for different reasons. First of all and most importanlty, i have recently graduated and i am specialised in teaching English. So, it's natural that i sit for an English teacher interview. Secondly, English is now required in the job market. So, having a fair knowledge of the english language opens more doors for people who want to work either in local companies or international ones in our country. Finally, i am looking forward to working abroad, so hopefully, i will have an english interview with a foreign company or school.

Yes, I think so. If I want to find a job I will do some interviews in the future. I’ve done some recently but it wasn’t good so I need to improve my english as soon as I can. I’ve learned many vocabularies and how to answer question during an interview.

Great Task!

I'm afraid not, that is I don't think I might have to do an interview in English in the future. I have learned from this video how I can answer during an interview.

Im happy for coming to this webside

yes of course. I have some English interviews in the past but it's not good. I learned from video many vocabularies and phare. thank you!

Hi there. Are you Vietnamese?

I strongly believe that I should prepare very well that interview. It is very difficult that future situation and is important to be patient, to keep calm and communicate correctly.

In the near future, I may have to do an interview for a job application. Exact one year ago I was prepared for an interview to be accepted my current job. There was not exist an English conversation in that interview even though I was prepared for that. Now that I am conscious of my mistakes in particular on speaking, I am trying to overcome my flaws in pronunciation besides not having a wide active vocabulary pool.