In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

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I enjoy travelling by train. I haven't had any problems on my journey so far.

I had never tried... but it sounds great to do... let me note in my agenda ;))

I like travelling by train, essentially for three reasons: one: you have a lot of time to do what you want to, you can read a book, do your work, new trains have also free wi fiii, so youn can go on internet; two: you can take a rest, can sleep; three: you can enjoy your journey just looking out of the window and watching the landscape.

Idon't like it so much

I have not traveled by train yet, but i want to share my story in the Metro station in Prague.

I bought a ticket valid for 3 days, and i didn't know that i had to validate it when i across the first platform, i had to put it in the validation machine to print the date and the time on it.

In the last day, I got a fine because my ticket was not validated, and I payed for that heheh, then i understood what should i do.

I like travelling by train since you can have a chance to find new friends also enjoy scene through the path. I used to go to university by train when I was student which was so fun cause you could see some people who were selling their wares on the train with their own way like singing or saying some ridicules word and so on, although that was annoying when you were tired and need to rest on the way!!

I like travelling by train because it makes me feel comfortable and through it we can communicate with different people . As for the problems encountered by the journey are the lack of bathrooms and the service is very slow.

The train is the safest way to travel.If the high-speed train were everywhere I would have preferred to travel by train.


I hate traveling by train in hear. Some reason i can prove you. Very dirty and the smell form it make me vomit, even though i think the moment. And because of not being punctual, it take my precious time always. And the staff from it are not friendly; they just look like more Army solider.I can understand that it is Myanmar.