Este hermoso poema corto fue escrito por una estudiante de inglés, Irene Soriano Flórez, una alumna en el British Council para Estudiantes Jóvenes ubicado en Madrid.

The White Room


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The White Room

I am now feeling
like a lost camel
in the Sahara Desert.
I am very young
and I've got a lot of things
to learn.

I think:
I don't know anything
I should go to my house
and begin to study.
But, then, I think
Why? A lot of the time
knowledge flies after studying.
Will I fly with English
out of this white room?

by Irene Soriano Flórez

With kind permission of the poet, previously published in Poetry as a Foreign Language, edited by Martin Bates, White Adder Press, 1999

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