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Do these exercises to learn words to talk about your bedroom.


Nivel de idioma

Pre-intermediate: A2


it's basic bedroom. there are a sheet, a blanket, and a pillow in the my double bed, all are pink. i often turn on the lamp when i read books and study. especially I have a picture of oppa Ji Chang Wook with his' signature, which i love most.

In my bedroom, I have a double bed, pillow, blanket, sheet, alarm clock, wardrobe, study table.

I have double bed, blanket, two pillows, two bedside tables, one wardrobe, one armchair, studying desk and chair, refrigerator, mat, one bookshelf in my bedroom.

As my bedroom is also a large part of my own habitation, I have a lot of things in. I usually sleep with two pillows and one large duvet, with a double bed sheet under me (I dont like the sensation of blanket on my skin, but I have one that I don't usually use). I also have a wardrobe, a small chest of drawers with only 3 small drawers and a bedside table where I have put a lamp to read books on the evening. I don't have an alarm clock, I use my phone to wake up or to check the hour.

In my bedroom, i have double bed with side table, dressing table, red carpet, blanket, pillow, wardrobe. Me and my sister we both lives together. I don't have lamp and alarm clock, because i mostly use my cellphone for watching time,

Hi everyone! I'm Emily
In my bedroom,I have a single bed with pillow, wardrobe,chest of drawers and bedside table. A lamp and an alarm clock are on the bedside table.Furniture materials like chest of drawers and wardrobe are beside my bed.

I have in my bedroom a single bed, duvet, sheet, blanket, and pillow.
also, the furniture in my bedroom includes a chest of drawers, carpet, table, and armchair

In my bedroom I have a single bed with pillows, a sheet and a blanket, two chests or drawers, a reading table and a chair, a wardrobe, night two night lights and a ceiling fan.

i have in my bedroom a bed, duvet and sheet but I sleep without pillows. to talk about furniture I have a bedside table chest of drawers and wardrobe and I also have something like a dressing table.

I am having bed materials such as: a single bed, pillow, sheet, blanket;, and furnitures materials like wardrobe, a form of bedside table, rug, clock and lamp.