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Do these exercises to learn words to talk about your bedroom.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


In my bedroom there are chest of drawers, table, armchair, bed with different stuff fo it

Hi ...I'm my bedroom, i have a single bed with pillow,blanket,duvet.And two wardrobes are beside my bed.

In my bedroom there are a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, carpet, a single bed and bedside table.
I have pillow, sheet, duvet on the my bed.
I do not like alarm clock so i have not it.

Hi everybody!
My name is Anna.I have been living with my family in small city. We live in a big home that consist of three bedrooms, living room and kitchen. Outside of home is a big garden with many trees, flowers and vegetable. In my bedroom, there are a single bed, table, chair, wardrobe, chest of drawers and a mirror. In addition to, my room has a window that overlooks the garden. In the summer, my room is very cool, i like to read books by the window, heard birdsong and smell scent from the flowers. I love my bedroom.

In my bed room I have a double bed,wardrobe,chest of drawers and of cousre for the bed i have pillows,sheets,blanket and duvet. Also there are lamp and alarm clock.But I don't like carpets too much so I don't have one in my bed room.

Hello my name is Adrián Mingorance Castro in my bedroom i have a lot off interesting thinks in my bedroom i have a fake skeleton,tv,vhs tapes,bed,pillow,game consoles,videogames,t-shirts,shocks,breeches,toys, books,mask,jackets,pens,pencils,rubbers,shoes,surf table,big lollipop,pants etc...
And you reader that you have in your bedroom i really want to know you will have very cool thinks in your bedroom to surprise me or were you surprised.
I really liked that you read my comment i would like to meet you and take a walk arround the street.
best whishes
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Hello everyone I'm Abdo from Syria . But , I have been living with my family in Turkey . We live in big home that consists of 3 bedrooms and 1 living room . Our home is located in quiet street , and there are a school , a hospital and a mosque near us. Anyway , my room is the biggest one in our home . It contains double bed , wardrobe , chest of drawers and two bedside tables. In addition to , I have blankets , duvets , pillows and the floors are covered by carpets. Finally thank you for reading my comment

Hello, I have a single bed, bedside table, chest of drawers

Hi, my names is Esmat I am resident in UAE I am living with my family we have nice and small flat in quite place it is two bed rooms, one hall. two bathrooms and kitchen in nice building. I don't prefer city center or down town because it is noisy and pollution as well as it is always crowded and living cost is a bit high as compare to sub-urban area specially rental installment.
I have my room is small but it has double bed, 2 bed side tables, wardrobe.
the bed is quite soft with nice bed sheet, comfortable pillows, duvet to keep us worm and extra blanket to use in winter.
I am not intending to make floor carpet as existing floor ceramic is nice but i am planning to make curtains as it is protecting us from sun, dust and maintain privacy.
Wooden shoes rack also kept outside of flat in order to organize different shoes to are using through out the day (sport/official /occasional..etc).
wash room is nice it has good shower basin, wash basin and toilet lot with hot and cold water mixer for both guest and family wash room.
guest room is having two single beds with pillow, bed sheet, blanket in each also one closet is there.
finally kitchen is big one with wash basin, cooker, microwave, pan tray and dishwasher/washing machine/fridge as well.

Hello everyone!
Well, in my bedroom there are curtains too, windows, teddies, shelfs, one TV, portraits, moneybox, hooks, my clothes and a chair. There is a mattress on the bed under the sheet.