After a breakfast of fresh eggs, Stephen helps the farmer while Ashlie prepares for lunch.

Do the first two Tasks while watching the video, then try the third and fourth Tasks. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


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hello teacher! please tell me what does "breakfast is out of the way" mean? I can't understand.
thank you very much.

Hello safirasafirasafira,

When we say something is 'out of the way' we mean that a job or task is complete and that we can move on to the next (perhaps nicer) thing.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everyone is nice to see you again.
I really like to go to visit the farm I think is really peaceful dead and this the fresh air and I like the noise that animals is making in the morning and I literally like to see the animals in theire nature. Mmm, breakfast sounds good I think I would like to eat fresh cheese first time with fresh cucumber and tomato I really like and why not some milk and some boiled eggs I really like boiled eggs.
Talking about work at farming I think is a lot of work to do to be in charge with the field and with the animals, to be in the charge with all of the fruits and vegetables. I think it's really hard wotking at a farm. To take care of the animals you have to feed them but in the same time you have to watering the plants that you having around the farm, so is much much more work than I can think about.
I think you have this one's ability to growing plants and to dig the field, to reap the fruits,
and so on, all day I think that's something to do on a farm.

What would you want to eat for breakfast if you were on a farm?
- If I were on a farm I would eat fresh food, for instance: eggs, milk and why not some homemade jams.

What kind of work would you expect to do there?
- I would expect to manage straw, to milk cows, feed pigs, collect fruits.

- What would you want to eat for breakfast if you were on a farm?
I'd like to eat my usual breakfast (tea with a croissant and some biscuits) perhaps adding some fruits freshly picked.
What kind of work would you expect to do there?
I'd expect to milk the cows, feed the pigs, collect the eggs, cook, grow vegetables, look after farm animals.

I would like to do something outdoor activities like help to farmers work.

I born and grew up in a farm, so I've worked hard milking the cows, feeding pigs, colecting eggs. Also I worked looking after the livestocks with my fahter and, o course, I did a lots of farm duties. I lived in the cities, is well. I thing the people in the country side work hard and often they are fisically exhausted. People in the cities work hard too, under presure, with stress, they drive miles to get their job... In my opinion, the work in the farm is fhysical in the cities is mental, but both of them are too hard.

I want to eat fresh eggs, milk and fresh fruit and vegetables and I can make nearly every work on the farm. I know you should work there but I think you would do everything with relish on a place like a farm. I can collect chicken eggs, look after animals (especially horses and dogs) and cook.

nice exercise

If I were in a farm, I'd like to eat fresh vegetables with eggs (I like mirror eggs but I prefer omelet or scramble eggs). Next, I'd take fresh fruits just picked up from the orchard. And then, I'd end up by a glass of milk.
Would you mind proofread my comment please.