Ice cream is everyone's favourite… Or almost everyone's, anyway! Join Joe down on Solley's Farm in Kent as he finds out how the icy treat is made.

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ok,I think I got it.Thank you so much,Kirk!!

Hello Kirk ,

Thanks a lot for your explanation :)


Hello Teachers ,

At the begining of the text there's a sentence : Welome to Kent , a county known as the garden of England because of all its farm produce .
Why 'farm' is in singular ? I don't think there's one farm only in Kent ? Or there's another reason ...

Thank you ,


Hello iliya_b,

'farm produce' is a compound noun composed of two nouns. In this kind of compound nouns, the first noun acts like an adjective and is usually used in the singular. By the way, sometimes such compound nouns are written as one word (e.g. 'sunglasses') and other times they are written as two words (e.g. 'sun hat').

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The LearnEnglish Team

1)I help myself TO another ice-cream. (why not use the preposition WITH? I help myself with an other ice-cream?)
2around Britain in summer. (in summer: is IN THE SUMMER wrong?). Thank you !! Cheers


1) If you look up 'help' in our online dictionary you will see why 'to' is correct in this sentence and why 'with' would change the meaning a lot.

2) No, they're both fine.

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The LearnEnglish Team

to hear and respond ...i am ok