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Please explain a little grammar for me about these sentences:
"Disruptive innovation aims to bring new ideas, like technology or processes, to existing markets. In that sense, the innovations will disrupt the market and the companies currently serving that market."
Why we don't use a determiner before "Disruptive innovation"? It was a specific or general noun?
If it's a name, why "radical innovation" doesn't go with R in "radical"?

Hello QTN03,

'Disruptive innovation' is an abstract concept spoken about in general terms, so no article is used. If the speaker specified a particular example (say, 'the disruptive innovation of the early years of the internet') then 'the' would be used.

I don't see 'radical innovation' used anywhere in your example, so I can't really comment on that. The term would be similar to 'disruptive innovation' - an abstract concept.



The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you.
Here is the 'radical innovation' being used: "And finally, we come to radical innovation. This is where a completely new idea is created for a market that doesn't exist yet. It's often what we think of when we think of innovation and it often swallows up existing markets."
Now I know about the "Abstract concept".
I had thought they should have used with "innovationS", such as, Architecture innovations....