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Language level

Beginner: A1


My favourite subject is English. It supports my career, too.

Now my favourite subject is english :).

I like to study interior designer, But I studied surveying. If I could one day, certainly, I study it.

My favourite subject is English because my university major's subject is English. I started to learn English when I was three years old. English is a little bit difficult, but it's my motivation to keep on studying.

i'm always with information technology but i don't like exams!

I like to study languages. English is my favourite. However, I have learned Japanese and Hindi. Learning a language gives you the opportunity to explore many other things related with it. Apart from that, like I like history and astronomy.

I like to study account subject.It's very easy to me.

I finished medicine 5 months ago, I love this subject.

I like to study math and i studied it;

I finished psychology. I want to become psychoterapist and work in mental hospital.