In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

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I traveled by train when I was young, it was a journey to Nha Trang. I remembered only one thing that it is very cold in the train, impressed me.

I prefer the plane to the train because the aircraft is faster and the train is not suitable for a long distance.

Hi, I remember when I was younger traveled with my father in train from Bogotá to Zipaquira - a town near to the city-. This experience was really nice.

Yes I do like traveling by train, I used to travel by buses,cause I usually missed my train

I prefer a buses. Train to my town goes twice a day: at the 5 AM and 5 PM. That's so early for me. While buses go for every hour.

I take the train every day to work

atcally I like travell by car. I love it becuse I can stay wherever and watch natur or look old city. I like also travell by train if I am tired otherwise i prefer car.

I have lots of beautiful memories of travling by train. It was in my childhood in my country.
I like traveling by train.

hi, i have never travel with train, but i would like to.