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Covid-19 learning support

Many of you around the world are having to stay at home. All the material on the LearnEnglish website is designed for self-study to support your learning. We'd like to share some ideas with you on how you can make the most of your time by practising your English.

Whether you have ten minutes or an hour to practise each day, you'll find a wide variety of learning materials to help you make progress and improve your language skills. 

We also have support for parents of primary-aged children on our LearnEnglish Kids website and learning support for teenagers on LearnEnglish Teens.

Take our online level test

Start by taking our free English grammar and vocabulary test to help you find your level. All the material is labelled with the level, to make it easier to find material to suit your needs. 

Explore our Skills sections 

In our Skills sections you can find self-study lessons to practise your listening, reading and writing skills. There are different types of texts and audio recordings, all with interactive exercises and worksheets that practise the skills you need. Choose your level and then choose a lesson!

Practise grammar

In this section you can improve your grammar with our clear and simple grammar lessons. The lessons start with an exercise to test your understanding, then an explanation to improve your grammar knowledge and finally another exercise to test your understanding again to see if you have improved. Choose your level and then choose a grammar point!

Read our Magazine sections

Are you looking for something quick to read? Our Magazine and Business magazine sections have short interesting articles for you to read about special days and business topics.

Video zone

Our Video zone is a selection of YouTube videos about a wide range of topics. To make them easier for you to understand, we have prepared preparation activities to teach the difficult vocabulary and we've also written out the transcript so you can read and listen to help you understand. When you've watched the video, you can do the exercises to check your comprehension. 

Challenge a friend or colleague

If you want to play a quick online game and practise your English vocabulary at the same time, have a go at Wordshake. See how many points you can get in three minutes! You can challenge a colleague to play too and compare your points to see whose English vocabulary is improving the most.

Online English courses

If you're looking for an online course, you can subscribe now to get access to our Online English Courses, which are designed for professionals who want to take their English to the next level. At each level, tutor videos and workplace scenarios guide you through the materials, explain key language and grammar points, and give you vocabulary that you can use in everyday business life. Available now, for just £5.99 a month. 

Online English tutor

Improve your English with a British Council approved tutor. Gain confidence before an exam or interview. Available 24/7, only £1 for your first session.

Learn English with apps

We also have a selection of apps for both adult learners and primary-aged and pre-school children. Download the LearnEnglish Podcasts app to listen to Learn English from Home, a brand new podcast series with three episodes a week, especially for those of you who are staying at home because of Covid-19.  

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Our social media team is working around the clock on our Facebook and Instagram channels to keep you up to date with the latest material on the website. They also share lots of interesting videos and links, and you can share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions with our learning community. 

We hope these suggestions help at this challenging time, and you may find these become new English learning habits even after the world goes back to normal. 

Take care and best wishes, 

The LearnEnglish team