Do you know how to contrast things using in spite of, despite and although?


in spite of / despite / although

In spite of, despite and although are all used to show a contrast but there are differences in the structures used with them.

In spite of / despite

After in spite of and despite we use a noun or a pronoun.

  • We enjoyed our camping holiday in spite of the rain.
  • Despite the pain in his leg he completed the marathon.
  • Despite having all the necessary qualifications, they didn’t offer me the job.

Remember that the gerund (‘-ing’ form) is the ‘noun’ form of a verb.

The only difference between in spite of and despite is the ‘of’.

  • Despite of the bad weather, there was a large crowd at the match.


After although we use a subject and a verb.

  • We enjoyed our camping holiday although it rained every day.
  • Although he worked very hard, he didn’t manage to pass the exam.
  • The holiday was great although the hotel wasn’t very nice.

We can use in spite of and despite with a subject and verb if we include the expression ‘the fact that’.

  • In spite of the fact that he worked very hard, he didn’t manage to pass the exam.
  • Despite the fact that he worked very hard, he didn’t manage to pass the exam.

Even though

Even though is a slightly stronger form of although.

  • We decided to buy the house even though we didn’t really have enough money.
  • You keep making that stupid noise even though I’ve asked you to stop three times.

Like although, even though is followed by a subject and a verb.



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could u please tell me whats the differences between "nonetheless" and "even though" as conjunctions?


Hi Mohsen.k77,

In terms of style, 'nonetheless' is quite formal whereas 'even though' is more neutral. 'Nonetheless' begins a new sentence but 'even though' can be also be used in the middle of a sentence.

In terms of use, there is a big difference. Both describe something surprising but where 'nonetheless' introduces a result, 'even though' comes before a obstacle.

For example:

I did the job even though I was tired. [surprising result + even though + obstacle/problem]

I was tired. Nonetheless, I did the job. [obstacle/problem + nonetheless + surprising result]


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The LearnEnglish Team

I have enjoyed a lot with the exercises here. It twists my head and that is pretty good.

So interesting

I fell happy that I am able to score 100%

despite & in spite of

we will use only past tense or it can every tense.

pls clarify me.thanks a lot


I had an English exam 3 days ago and I got the result yeaterday I was surprised I that I made a mistake so when I asked about the mistake he told me it waa the sentence "despite Ali being strong, he couldn't carry the bag" so I was wondering of it's actually incorrect or not.


Hello Omie Hesham,

We don't really comment on other writers, sites, or teachers, but your teacher is right. If you want to use a subject after 'despite' - see the Cambridge Dictionary's grammar for an explanation.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Although there are numerous websites of English lessons, this website supervised by the British Council is awesome and different from others.
Teacher Kirk,
I think my sentence is correct.
If there is any grammatical mistake, could you correct it please?
Thank you in advance.

Hello LoveEnglish70,

Thank you for the lovely comment! I'm afraid we don't provide a correction or checking service for users - if we tried then we would never have time for anything else, and would end up correcting users' homework and tests, which is not our role!


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