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A request from your boss

Listen to some requests from a manager to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Beginner: A1


Hello Sovanmony Kem,


Please take a look at our home page, where you can take a test to assess your level and use the search tool to find useful material.


Also, please read our Getting Started guide carefully. It will help you to organise your learning on the site most effectively.


As far as learning quickly goes, that's really up to you. The more time you invest, the quicker your progress will be. Try to use English as much as you can, reading a range of texts, listening or watching English-language media and even speaking to yourself at home to develop fluency. And don't give up - sometimes it seems progress is slow, but remember that progress is never slower than when you stop!


Good luck!



The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks Sir, For your guide.

Hello everyone!
When someone needs any help and asks me to give him a hand then I do all my best to help him. For instance when my parents are ill I always cook and do shopping for them.I also help my daughter and my son to do their homework.

I sometimes help other people with their work. Although, since I'm honest and kind, some people tend to use me to complete their work. I don't like it and I like to help other honest people like me who are serious to take a step further!

-Do I sometimes help other people with their work?
Yes, I do, and I really like to help everyone not only with their work but also in other fields in general life.
-I want to help other people to improve their knowledge, so I have to improve my knowledge first, make my brain like a library and then I will collect a perfect team that aimed to help everyone in this world, and in the future, I will be very thrilled to join in this website to help every need help.

Do I sometimes help other people with their work? Yes, I do. I often help other people with their work. I am learning English now. I try to every day. And I try to teach with other people, especially on this beautiful site. I read the comments of other users on the site and I wonder how I could help them. Sometimes I write some answers. But I am not good at English. My English isn't good enough for me to be a teacher. But I can get help from The LearnEnglish Team. That's incredible. Help for free. Thanks The LearnEnglish Team. CAN YOU CORRECT ME?

Hello chriswar,

Thanks for the comment. We read every comment on LearnEnglish and reply to as many as we can, but we don't correct users' posts. We have many thousands of users on the site and it's just not possible for our small team to offer a correction service like that.



The LearnEnglish Team

Oh yes, I think you have many thousands of users on the site, because your site is awesome. Thanks for the answer. You are the best!

I was helping my friends in my work with everything I can do it to they be good,

I help my colleagues every day. I help them write memos using the formal language in Portuguese. Besides that, I help them to access our network system.