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A request from your boss

Listen to some requests from a manager to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Beginner: A1


Yes, I think I am a giving person. I feel I am a nice person when I give others some help. And I like that feeling. I just show my helpful and my friends say what they need.

yes.i help my father jobs sometimes. and then i cook dinner for helping to my mom.thanks

I have a good habit, of being able to help others when they are in need.
Usually, i help my parent with house chores, my brother with his homework and my grandparents in garden.
I like helping people when i have free time and that make me feel a better person.
Sometimes i do volunteer job, once a week. I meet the children in need, that are suffering from different illnesses, and i try to make them live easier by playing different games together, and reading them stories.
Also during my studies i used to help my colleagues with subjects and assignments that were more difficult to them than me. I was ready always to give them advice and to teach how to accomplish their projects and how to solve the accounting assignments.

you are a good man.nice to meet u.

Hi everyone !
I am happy , because this experiencia is nice for me.
I need improve my english and i found this lesions .
thank you for help me .

Yes, I help my partners in the university with their works. For example, I helped to make a presentation about racism to my best friend.

to be honest, I always help my wife with the house chores. also, I share responsibilities with my siblings about the family business.

mother duty ...helper and caring person do all stafe in home and geveing a hand for all no lemetation for her abelty...

I like to help my colleagues. Not everyone of course (some people just want you to do their work) but I think mutual aid is an important part of personal and compony's success. You give something to someone and can reckon on to take something back. That's how you build a strong relationship in your team and make a good reputation.

Thank you for your interest. Can you help me? I want to improve my speaking level as well as reading, writing and listening.