Episode 4


Daniel makes some classic mistakes in his interview.



We suggest you do the vocabulary activity below before you watch. Then watch the video and do the first task to check your understanding. You can read the transcript at any stage if you want. Finally, have a look at Task 2, which contains some business notes.


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Sir I am not able to see the video. Can u please help me?

Hello mksh,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems accessing the videos. Can you give us some more information so that we can try to identify the cause of the problem?

  • What device are you are using? In paricular, are you using a mobile device?
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I have been in some job interviews on both sides, but as an interviewer I have found some guys like Daniel, arrogants and with nothing of modest during the interview. This video shows what not to do during a job interview, it's very helpfull!!!

Interesting video. I hope one day I can speak fluent English. Speaking and writing are my weakness.


i think this video very useful for worker like me. Not merely for gain knowledge about interview but also for learning process. Before this, i never noticed about classic mistakes. When i saw this video, i become more realized about the way we answer a question and body language. Thanks a lot British Council. I will learn from your website until i master in English.

Dear Learn English Team.

I have a wonder about Articles : I don't understand why Marcia said " Let's move on to managing people" but in next sentences " Let's move on to the presentation"...
Both of them are noun: managing and presentation.

Thanks a lot

Le Nhung

Hi le nhung,

Please take a look at the explanation on our definite article page - "managing people" is a new topic, whereas "the presentation" is a topic that's already been mentioned. If it's still unclear after working through that page, please don't hesitate to ask us again.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

Is it possible to download this video? I'm a teacher and I'd find it very useful in my classes, but unfortunately I don't have the access to the internet in the classroom.

Hello linkamarijuana,

I'm afraid for technical and legal reasons we are not able to make the videos available for download.  You can, of course, access them online as often as you wish and download the transcript and support pack with exercises, however.

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The LearnEnglish Team