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Bestival Scene 2

Ashlie and Stephen spend the day at the festival and Stephen meets a travelling theatre group.

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Do you enjoy watching live performances?
yes ,i enjoy watching live performance..
Have you ever been to a theatre production or concert?
i have been ever to theatre in jordan

i've been waiting for the next episode for a month!!!  
when will u release it?
miss stephen & Ash & Rob ^^

We don't have any more episodes at the moment, the first series of Word on the Street has finished. We are thinking about making more, but making TV shows takes a long time - many months.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

thank you for ur reply Adam,,,,,i really hope you guys will decide to make another series soon,,,,still waiting anyway ^^

I can't play videos because I am not an administrator, Is it possible to send this videos by my email. 

Hello Saadat,

You don't need to be an administrator to play videos. Can you tell me which web browser(s) you are using?

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The LearnEnglish Team

Well, I don´t like the crowds in the concerts, but the Iike the BBQ in Colombia is very common to do it, invite some friends or relatives.

Of course I like BBQ. But I prefer eat a BBQ that cook a BBQ. When I cook a BBQ I don't use to eat so much, because I mustn't be a well organised doing de BBQ.

Do you enjoy watching live performances?

Yes I do. It´s a great opportunity to watch a performance from either a singer or musician.

Have you ever been to a theatre production or concert?
- I´ve been at concert called "Rock in Rio" in Rio de Janeiro city.

Do you enjoy BBQs? What is the best thing about having a BBQ and what is the worst?

I like BBQ!...In Brazil it´s the very popular ! We have lived in the middle of an aggressive World where people are fighting to reach a good position in our society.  So,  any time is a great opportunity to having a BBQ because we can gather our friends, talk a lot of things, relax and relieve our minds. The worst thing is the day after.. when we wake up with a strong head ache!