Series 03 Episode 01


Elementary Podcasts is back! Some things are the same (Tess, Ravi and Carolina) and some things are new, for example the presenters. So whether you're new to Elementary Podcasts or have been listening since Series 1, give it a try!

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In the Italian region I come from, Lombardia, rice is a very typical food. You can cook it a million ways, but the best for me is to make it boil with vegetable cube and Bonarda wine (not too much!). You prepare a pan with oil and slices of onion, where they are yellow you put the rice, the cube and some wine and mix it until it's ready. Very simple and very good!

hello people...Im Mexican and we loved roast grill ever with a some beers, tortillas whit cheese, we say that "quesadillas" and some time we put bacon inside and we heat to melt the is delicious and like the weateher is hot, the beer need to be very this part of mexico the fish no are common..but we have one kind of fish called MOJARRA is very deliciuos.

Hello! In Brazil there are various kind of recipes. The most famous and tipical is rice with beans. I explain: First you put water and beans in a pan and place on stove. Cook for 40 minutes. Meanwhile do the same with the rice but with less water. After you can serve with potate, meat, tomate, carrot, chicken... that you prefer. Is delicious!

Hello my friends, this recipe is really fast to do. I come from the rice's land, therefore I would like to teach you all, how to cook rice. Firstly you have to make a bit of beef broth after then put into a deep pan the rice ( one glass for each person ). Make the rice brown in the pan for few minutes, after then add the beef broth and a marrowbone. Let them boil for at least 20 minutes. While the rice is boiling, make a bit of saffron to dissolve in a glass of hot water, and after then, add the saffron to the rice. Add a bit of parmigiano reggiano grated, and have a good Italian experience.

hello my friends. i have an easy recipe which want to share it with you. you need 2 medium eggplants-1 onion- and 100g curd. firstly peel the eggplants and slice them into medium flat pieces.then fry eggplants with hot oil and when their color turned into light brown add onion slices you've already fried and mix them together carefully. now you can add salt,pepper and curd to your mixture. ok its almost done just add a few water and leave it for about 10 minuts. you can also use a little aromatic vegetables it makes your food much more delicious.

In my country is very popular "gnocchi e trippa". Gnocchi are made with papatoes, cooked as pasta in boiled water and served with butter or sauce of tomatoes and grated cheese.
The "trippa" is belly calf and it is made into slices, boiled with patatoes and served with tomatoes sauce and hot pepper.Enjoy this meal coming in Italy!

I like boil eggs it is a healthy delicious dish and easy to prepare you put some water boiling and add some salt and a bit of winger when it start boiling you open the eggs and put them in this water keep boiling for one or two minute after that you take your eggs eat them (bon appetie)

Hi Everyone, nice to meet your. I'm Malaysian and come from Asia. I'm just starting to use English to talk with your. Your can correctly my English if i write mistake. i'm just sharing with your, Malaysia and Singapore have a lot of food very taste. Malaysia has a lot of food as chicken rice, satay, asam laksa, fried kwei teow, Ais Kacang ( dessert ) and etc. In Singapore also has a lot of food as Fish soup, chicken rice, curry, Fish ball noodle. All above that i recommended should know where the places are they cooking very delicious. The price was cheaper and very delicious.

I like eating fried eggs. You have to put olive oil in a pan, when the oil is very hot, you have to put the egg in the pan.

Hello evereone! I love smoked fish. For Smoking you need to salt the fish and wait a few hours, then it must be placed in the smoke chamber inside which at the bottom are alder chips. The Smoking process takes approximately 45 minutes/