Elementary Podcasts is back! Some things are the same (Tess, Ravi and Carolina) and some things are new, for example the presenters. So whether you're new to Elementary Podcasts or have been listening since Series 1, give it a try!

Tess & Ravi
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Task 1

Activity 1

What can you remember about Tess and Ravi's conversation?


Task 2

Activity 2

Can you remember what Ravi said about making fish and chips?


Task 3

Activity 3

Which words go in which categories?


Do you know what all the words mean? Look up the words you don’t know in a dictionary.

Can you add any more words to each list?

Task 4

Activity 4

Ravi explained how to cook fish and chips; he gave the recipe for them. Leave a comment below with a recipe that you know well. We'll talk about our favourites next episode!




Anyone knows what happened with teacher tom?

Hello DEM240,

The form of the podcasts changes from time to time and in this series Teacher Tom does not appear. Please let us know any thoughts you have - we're always keen to hear what you like and don't like about our materials.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

What happened to this podcast? Where Tess and Ravi. The men replaced them speaking so slowly and clearly in a way that no native English speaker speaks

Hello Anne,

We make changes in the format of Elementary Podcasts from time to time. If you listen ahead to episode 2, you'll find Tess and Ravi again. I can assure you that all the people who participate in the podcasts are native speakers, though it's true that sometimes they speak more slowly and sometimes more quickly. In general, series 3 and 4 are a little bit easier to understand this way.

By the way, series 5 is in production. Some things will be the same, but others will be different. We hope you enjoy them, but if you're looking for something else in the meantime, Word on the Street is a good next option.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

You can Cook fish by prepare a mixture of garlic,onion,lemon and vegetables then bake it in a hot oven for 30 minuites

When I think about Britain I think about red double decker buses, tea, fish and chips and the London eye.

I may not know if whoever the creators behind this amazing website but from the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you and stay blessed!!!

Hello ralleta,

Thanks for your kind words - it's always great to hear that there are people who appreciate our work. 

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi everyone

i want to write about how to make healthy chicken meal
firstly season chicken in a bowl with (onion-lemonade-pepppers-
put it in the fridge for 1-2 hours
then heat chicken in medium skillet over a medium heat until it gets fried